Everything You Should Know About the Danish Tradition of Hygge

In simple terms, Hygge means creating an enjoyable atmosphere and relishing the fine and simple stuff with others around you. By enjoying a cup of coffee indoors on a rainy day, that is hygge. Meeting with friends or family to discuss matters of life, or the glow of candlelight in a dim dining room, are all hygge practices. So, it is possible that you might have experienced hygge several times in your life without knowing.

Because hygge is an experience, it can be hard to describe it in words. Its pronunciation is no better. You say Hoo-ga to pronounce it. It is a Danish word that describes the feeling of contentment as you enjoy life with others.

The Danish people consider it a very important cultural practice and an identity that is central to their national DNA. It is so essential that they would pick it over other values in the society. No wonder, Danes are considered one of the happiest communities around the world.

The Background of Hygge

Hagge is a word that originated from Norway, meaning well-being. Its first appearance in Denmark was in Danish writings in the 1800s and the Danes embraced it from then to date. This word is applicable in many instances that provide a good feeling, and you will realize the same thing when you visit Denmark. The rest of the world is also embracing it, and various publications are publishing content about it. Don’t worry much about the vagueness of its definition considering you can personalize it to what feels comfortable and happy to you.

To those that are happy fishing instead of sitting with family at home, you still can practice Hagge for your situation. There are no rules and regulations that dictate what it needs to look and feel like, if not feeling good, enjoying life, and savoring every moment of it. Whether you are touring the world, or just sitting at home with your family, you are a legit candidate.

What Entails a Hygge Lifestyle?

Hygge is not about a night out to the discos or hosting a noisy party at home. It involves getting close friends and family together in a space that is comfortable, secure, and trustable. It is essential that you meet regularly and build a strong bond amongst yourselves. After gathering, you need to embrace the moment and switch off gadgets that might cause distractions.

Another important part of hygge is the lighting, warmth, and food. Candlelight is encouraged (Danes consume 6 kg of candle wax each year per head), and you can light a fire if the weather is cold. The food, on the other hand, should be tasty, and the homemade option is much better than buying. In fact, everyone can play a role in preparing the meal! Get a Danish cookbook and learn how to cook some of their meals and practice doing it together. Of course, it wouldn’t be comfortable if you are not in cozy clothes.

If you plan to tour a different country, you should try Denmark. You won’t be disappointed. Hygge transcends all elements of life there, and you will definitely carry some lessons back home.

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