How to Make the Most of a Short Trip

You’ve decided to make that short trip over the weekends to a destination that is 5 or 6 hours away. Great choice!

However short trips simply cannot be approached in the same way as long trips. Getting to your destination should be fast and easy especially when you consider that you only have two or three days to make the most of your stay.

If for example to get to an island and you have to connect by public means or ferry, you will only end up losing valuable time.

Let’s find out how to make the most of your short trip!

1.    Carry your own bags

Getting your suitcase checked at the airport only to find that a few mistakes led to it being routed to the wrong place will require a hectic process to get it back, one that would take a few days.

This is time that you do not have and that short trip will likely mean that you have to cancel your plans.

Checking also comes with more expenses that you can use to make the most of your short trip.

2.    Stay close to the sights

This should be a no-brainer. Being close to the scenery means that you can easily get back to your hotel room which ultimately means more time to spend doing the things you love and less time spent on traveling.

3.    You cannot see it all

Given the short time you have at your chosen destination, you cannot see everything that is on offer. Pick two or three of the best sights before you make the trip back home.

Do your research before traveling and go to those places, you are more likely to come out with better experiences.

The research will also help you get set up quickly. You don’t want to get to your destination and start wondering where to get accommodation or how to move around.

4.    Consider the time zone

Jet lag is an important factor to consider even on a short trip and takes the same time for recovery as you would on a long trip.

You should aim to reach the new time zone as fast as you can. Research shows that flying west has less impact than flying east.

An interesting trick is once you’ve arrived and spent the first night, get out as early as you can to allow your body and mind to reset to the new time zone.

5.    Travel insurance

You might not need travel insurance for every trip. Sometimes it’s necessary to make sure that you are well protected from any financial loss during the travel.

Ask yourself, in case of emergency care or evacuations, would your health insurance provide cover? If the answer is no, then it would be a good idea to get a travel medical plan. The great thing is that it is usually very affordable.

In a situation where you need to cancel your travel plans but have already paid for the flight, would you be able to afford the lost trip costs? This is another great reason why travel insurance is a good choice.  

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