Most Underrated Destinations You Need to Visit

Some destinations are so popular that they are at the top of everyone’s travel bucket list. Think of Spain, the US, or China. However, that is not to say the world is limited in beautiful exotic places. There are still some awesome destinations that you may not hear about every day but hold awe-inspiring experiences that deserve to be seen.

Let’s find out some of the most underrated destinations that you need to visit.

Bergen, Norway

Okay granted, the city of Bergen is not as big as Oslo, but as the capital of Norway, it is still full of exciting things to see and do.

There is the Bryggen, a UNESCO world heritage site featuring the harbor district. The city is also amazingly close to the Floyen Mountain where visitors can hike and take cool pictures.

Bergen is also a great choice for kayaking fans that sees visitors take on the Fjords.


So, you’ve made your way as far as Thailand and Cambodia, must you stop there? Why not push on to Laos. You may not find white sandy beaches here, but Laos is an adventurer’s haven filled with caves to explore and other places to visit such as the elephant sanctuaries.

Lush forest and plenty of rivers crisscross Laos. Later indulge in excellent cuisine in the French colonial style architecture.


It offers visitors a unique way to experience the Caribbean. If you are a lover of great beaches and the open ocean in an exotic, tropical destination, you might have just found the perfect travel destination.

White sandy beaches and the clear blue waters is just some of the highlighters of Belize. Do you love to dive? Experience the largest coral reef north of the equator and take back memories of a lifetime.


Anguilla which is a British territory in the Caribbean was once ranked as having the best beaches in all the Caribbean by a US news report.

And one of its beaches, Shoal Bay rises above the rest thanks to its pristine condition and powdery white sands, not to mention its serene turquoise water.  Some believe this to be the most beautiful beach in the world.

Gokayama, Japan

Travel to Japan to Gokayama and take in the historic architecture in the villages with traditional farmhouses with thatched roofs.

They show an age-old design that was very effective at withstanding the elements. And their location, which is in a river valley adds a dash of charm.

You will find villages which include Ainokura, Ogimachi, and Suganuma. These have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Faroe Islands

Drift away to the north Atlantic and locate the Faroe Islands between Iceland and Scotland. The islands are 18 in total and span a70 miles. Many people who know about them will instantly think of the colorful houses. However, there are some spectacular natural scenery as well such as waterfalls and basalt cliffs.


While its neighbor, Kenya is known for wide open spaces and the typical savannah landscape that we are all familiar with, Tanzania is home to the infamous Serengeti national park. The park is vast and offers plenty of animal sightings.


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