Packing Essentials You Thought You Didn’t Need

Being in Thailand for one month taught me a lot of things about packing. There are some things that I thought I don’t need turned out to be essential later. To help you sort out the right essentials to pack, read the list below.


  1. Power Strip

Nothing is more frustrating than to get a hotel room with only one outlet. You’ll then have to decide whether to use the lone outlet to light a lamp, charge your device, or plug the alarm clock. The good news is you can do all these things at once by bringing your own power strip.


There’s no need to bring a full-size power strip because there are compact models developed for travel. Some of them even come with built-in USB ports.


  1. Portable Safe

One of the most important things about traveling is safety. You need to keep all your valuables safe. Having a portable safe can help you solve this problem.


The Pacsafe Travelsafe is a small portable purse allows you to keep your expensive valuables safe. You can tie it to a pole or the bed at a cheap hotel. This is very important if you want to enjoy the beach without worrying about your cash and mobile phone being stolen.


  1. An Empty Bottle

It might not be allowed to bring more than three ounces of liquid but there’s no law that says you can’t carry an empty bottle and fill it later. Buying airport water is very expensive. So if you want to stay hydrated when your flights get delayed, bring an empty bottle and fill it later.


  1. Wet Tissues

Perhaps, the most convenient way to clean your hands and face is to use wet tissues. They come in handy when you want to clean yourself without going to the restroom. These can also be used to clean your devices.


  1. Plastic Or Trash Bags

Bringing plastic bags may seem awkward but believe me, you’ll need them more than you thought. These bags are useful when separating the dirty clothes from the clean ones. Just don’t put the bags outside your luggage because the housekeeping might mistake them as actual garbage.


A mesh laundry bag is a great alternative for plastic or trash bags. You can also try to check your hotel room if it includes a disposable laundry bag.


  1. Universal Plug Adapter

You know that those plug adapters may vary from one country to another. To avoid buying an adapter for each type, bring a universal plug adapter. This type of adapter works in all voltages and in different countries. You can charge many devices or just a single one with a distinct plug point.


  1. Small Extension Cord

In some cases, electrical outlets aren’t conveniently positioned as you would want them to be. You can solve this dilemma with an extension cord. With this cord, you can bring the devices near you.


I consider this item most important when I want to use my blow dryer in front of a mirror. Another useful situation is when you want to use your laptop while charging it in the terrace.

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