Top 10 Smart Backpacking Tips

Backpacking puts you in charge of your outdoor experience. Whether you are an adult, young, expert or an amateur, you will enjoy the entire trip depending on how well you did your backpacking. For this reason, you must do it right. Use these tips for the best results.

Do Your Homework

The prior research will help you avoid making mistakes along the way. That is why you are reading this, right? Through such blogs and guidebooks, you will get the knowledge to structure your trip wisely. Plus you could use some inspiration.

Find the Right Footwear

If you make a mistake on footwear choice, you spoil the entire experience. You don’t want to have blisters at the end of it all. So, search for backpacking footwear that will offer comfort, ventilation, and has enough padding. Carry along extra sox you can change in case your feet get moist.

Know Local Regulations

Before you embark on this journey, find out what the local regulations are saying about backpacking. You might find out that there are areas you shouldn’t go, understand the fee requirements if any, avoid risking your life, and getting on the wrong side of the law.

Carry Home Food to Spend Less

You might be lacking enough money for your trip, but this should not be the cause to avoid it completely. Save your money by carrying homemade food instead of buying.

Do Some Practice

One way to avoid frustrations during the trip is trying out whatever you intend to use to see if they are in good shape. From lighting a fire, cooking in the open, pitching the tent, to food storage, ensure everything is working right multiple times before going out on the actual trip.

Keep the Supplies Dry

You don’t want to pitch your tent in a valley or close to a water body. Instead, place it on a high but flat ground. It is there that you will be sure it doesn’t get soggy. Store your food and the rest of the items in waterproof packages. Don’t trust your bag to be waterproof because some manufacturers make errors. Carry a trash bag to be sure.

Save up Enough Money

Ensure you have enough money to travel and buy stuff you might need during the backpacking trip.

Don’t Pack Excessively

Your backpack has no room for luxuries and extra supplies. It is essential that you pack every needful item first. Ensure the bag is light. The key is to make the backpack light and therefore purchase the lightest stuff in each category. You are going trek for a long time on various terrains and need to be light.

Memory Documentation

While you are out on this backpacking trip you will collect a lot of stuff including photographs, paper, napkin, tickets, plus other items to remind you of this day(s). Find clever ways to document them (like in a scrapbook).

Pre-Book Travels

If you are going far and foresee traffic during booking of bus or airplane tickets, pre-book them to avoid delays.

Bon Voyage!

If you find this list of backpacking tips helpful, explore, experiment, and enjoy your trip! Continue learning and equip yourself with survival tips as you proceed.

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