What to Pack for a City Break

One of the best ways to clear your mind and unwind is to travel to a new city. If it’s relatively near to your current residence, then you do not need big luggage. A backpack with a few essentials will do just fine.

But that depends of course if you have packed all the necessary stuff.

Let’s find out what to pack for a city break.

1.    Backpack

Like we said, the number one thing that you will need is a place to carry your items. A backpack is a great choice.

Remember to check the luggage regulations for the airline that you are using.

Backpacks are simple to carry and when they come in the right size, will have all the space you need for your essentials.

2.   A few clothes

If it’s a short trip during the weekends, then a good rule of thumb is to pack clothing for 4 days. For example, you might need 2 shirts, 3 underwear, 3 pairs of socks, a quick drying towel, flip flops, and a bag where you are going to keep all the dirty clothes for cleaning when you get back.

In other words, keep things simple.

3.    Some toiletries

You can pack your favorite cosmetics which will likely comprise of your cream and gel. Other essentials include toothpaste and toothbrush, deodorant,

Don’t forget to bring along a vanity bag which is necessary during the security check.

4.    Gadgets

With our smartphones that pretty much have everything we need, we may not need to carry too many gadgets. However, you may still find the need to bring a camera, charger, batteries, tablet, and mini tripod.

5.    Travel items

It’s a great idea to factor in your health and bring along any medicine that you feel you will need. Other items that should be included are sleeping mask, sunglasses, sunscreen, earplugs, and a small umbrella.

6.    Money and documents

These are amongst the most important things that you will require and should be stored safely in your backpack. Note that pickpocketers are a very real thing in big cities.

Such documents will include ID, credit card, travel insurance, money which should be in the currency of your travel destination) as well as a bus, train or plane ticket.

7.    The right shoes

You might want to bring along your best pair of office shoes, but if you must then make sure they fit your reason for travel and are comfortable.

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