A Book Review of 101 Dream Travel Locations by Julia Cameron

Dream Travel is an international online company that specializes in providing information on the best locations to visit, as well as the things to do. They offer destinations around the globe from places like Japan, Thailand and the United States to more local destinations like Peru and Brazil. They even provide special trips just for girls! On their website you will see the types of trips they offer such as; romantic getaways, adventure tours, beach holidays, cultural tours, family outings and sightseeing tours, as well as many other exciting packages. They have plans to expand their offerings to include more destinations in the future as they continue to grow in their business.

Their travel dreams come real with one day packages. All of their one-day destination packages include transportation and accommodations for an entire day. This is the perfect way to get away from it all and be able to relax for one day. You can visit Dream Travel while you are still enjoying your vacation.

The websites are easy to navigate with tabs specifying categories like, attractions, activities, hotels, cruises, hotels, and airport transfers, etc. You can also access information about currency rates, arrival and departure dates, airport parking, local transportation, restaurants, and night life in the selected cities. Dreamers can look up what restaurants they would like to try during their vacation by entering their preferences, and the website tells them how long they should spend in the restaurant, the average time they expect there, and what to order. All this information will help prepare your vacation for when you land and book your airline reservations.

When deciding which destination to choose, pick a destination that is appealing to you, something that has special meaning to you. For instance, if your favorite childhood hero is someone like Captain Jack Sparrow, then it only makes sense to pick his location, as he is a pirate, after all. If you are a fan of ancient history, maybe you would enjoy visiting some of the great ruins from various civilizations. Maybe your favorite film star has a house and garden in Beverly Hills.

First, when choosing your Dream Travel Locations, choose a destination that is not far from home. This will eliminate the need to take a plane or car, which is extremely expensive, and unnecessary. Plus, once you arrive there are fewer things that you must do, so you can maximize your time there. In the case of flying, or taking a plane, you also need to consider your accommodations, and if you are staying at a hotel, it may not be possible to drive to your next location.

With over one hundred and fifty entries, this book will keep you on your toes, as you navigate its pages and turn each location into an adventure you will never forget. By continent, and numbered for reference, it is important to point out that the places are by no means ranked, because we believe each experience is unique to the individual. As one experiences things to write about, we will add them to the Dream Travel Locations gallery. The most popular entries will be featured on the Dream Travel Locations homepage, so check that regularly as well. This is an excellent reference for anyone who wants to know more about Dream Tours and experiences, and we hope that it inspires you to come visit some of the destinations listed in the book. It is full of insights and tips on everything from local food and cultures to transportation, accommodations and more, and to help you create your own Dream Tours.

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