About me (Travel)

It’s no wonder that traveling has been an integral part of my life or should I say that it is now the sole force that keeps me alive. From being an avid fan of moving around through different locations to be a seasoned traveler I have learned a lot about myself.  Here, I admit that life would have been a 9 to 5 rat race if not for traveling.  My blog is dedicated to informing and inspiring people to move out of their comfort zone and experience their life in a new place, with new people.

Now, I must say that traveling has been over marketed and over hyped in recent times.  People find it cool to label themselves as a traveler without even knowing the basics about it. You might have stumbled upon endless Instagram profiles where users have defined themselves as “hopeless wanderers” and “travel junky.”  I am not against this branding, but the fact that most of them have never really traveled makes me mad. Not only does it harm their reputation but also degrades the very fundamentals of the traveling industry.

While going through all the nonsense available over

the internet, I decided to reach to the root of this problem.  I performed extensive research over all the portals that have made traveling a luxury. It was astonishing to come across the number of websites that are focused on making traveling nothing more than a profitable industry.  More than half of these information portals do not care about developing great travelers but only target novice sightseers to make extra money. With billions of dollars poured every year, numerous travel apps released every month and millions of active users every day, the very notions of traveling have changed.

We have come to a point where a single click plans your journey; an application orders your routes, an odd picture defines your adventure, and the numbers of likes and comments derive your satisfaction. To me, it is the sole reason people travel which keeps them from experiencing the magic old school travelers lived for.  I am not another hater who loves to resist change, but we must leave out all the burdens to make traveling worth it. There is no doubt that new inventions can be used to save time, money and effort but over-reliance kills all their benefits.  According to my experience traveling is a route to find your inner self and it can only happen when you are ready to expose yourself to nature.

Now, after realizing about all these negatives in the industry, I was bound to start a change. Stricken with disgust and shock, I became determined to make things better. For almost a year I w

ent through every popular website to evaluate their product. The only thing they were good at was selling dreams for a hefty sum of money.   I even tried to contact them but with no success. It was evident that nobody wanted to talk to an activist who can potentially harm a booming industry.

Finally, I went on to create my own blog and battle theses demons personally.  It was a hard task as I did not know anything about creating a blog that is not only popular but also informative. All I had was the zeal to correct things backed up by my experience and knowledge.  With time I went on to come in contact with travelers who are more seasoned. They were kind enough to help me in my journey with everything they had.  I also met a lot of young souls that were super excited about installing order in this trade.

All of these supporters have helped me to use better communication styles in creating the most authentic, informative, understandable and creative blog present over the internet. I am not into making a merry picture but want to let you face the ins and outs of being a skilled traveler. There is no doubt that people are in need of a helping hand that does not want to pick their pockets.  I hope that you get befitted form the hard work we have put in this project. I am open to learn more and improve with your valuable suggestions.