Why Staycations are Breathing New Life into Southern England

For a while, it seemed as if Southern England’s appeal was dropping. From tourism stalls to general economic declines, Southern England was facing some potential future issues, and it was clear that something needed to be done.

Then, Woolacombe holiday parks came along, and staycations became a popular option for people all across Woolacombe and beyond.

Why is that, though? How are these staycations affecting Southern England in such an impactful way? What attracts people to the idea?

Let’s dive into it.

 Vacationing Made Simple

First and foremost, a big part of what’s causing the staycation boom, and all the benefits it brings to Southern England, is that it makes vacationing a simple process.

Let’s face it. Vacations are fun and capable of creating unforgettable memories, but they’re also extremely stressful and complex to plan. You have to take time off work, find accommodations, research the area you’ll be in, and then handle budgeting and scheduling for a multitude of different attractions.

A staycation at a holiday park gets rid of all that stuff. Instead, you just have to figure out when you’ll be off work, book your stay, and that’s it.

While you can leave the holiday park for certain attractions you can’t resist, there are activities available for people of all ages. From on-site pubs and sporting facilities to playgrounds and water parks, holiday parks offer everything you need to enjoy a vacation without having to go anywhere else or make elaborate plans.

Increased Tourist Traffic

Thanks to the widespread appeal of holiday parks, staycations are bringing tons of tourist traffic to Woolacombe holiday parks and the rest of Southern England. There are multiple parks available, and their popularity brings in people from all over the world; not just locals.

As such a large volume of people come to visit the parks, they not only support the parks, but they also support local restaurants, petrol stations, and other businesses; breathing a lot of new life into the Southern England tourism scene and helping it regain its notoriety as a go-to spot.

A Changed Image

Southern England is most notable for London; leaving many of its somewhat smaller areas in the dust when it comes to being seen as worthwhile destinations.

After all, the rest of Southern England has to compete with a world-renown hot for luxury and big-city experiences in the UK.

With staycations and holiday parks jumping in popularity across Southern England, that has changed a bit. Now, the rest of Southern England is gaining a more robust image that can compete with the likes of London itself.

Despite all the big city has to offer, places such as Woolacombe having high-end holiday parks offering the perfect staycations, those lesser-known areas now have a unique advantage over bigger cities.

It’s a Welcome Change

Southern England was starting to feel a bit stale; as if he had lost its draw a bit. The advent of glamorous, yet still accessible, staycations have breathed whole new life into the region, and it’s a welcome change from what the last few decades have offered.

With unique staycation opportunities, visitors and holiday-goers have all-new options for making memories, and the local businesses are also benefiting dramatically.

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