Things to Consider When Camping in Devon

Devon is a premier camping location that is sure to provide you and your family with countless memories you’ll never forget. From natural coves that offer peace and quiet, to exciting waterparks and natural woodlands, you’ll find something to do no matter what your preferences are.

However, there are a few things you should consider before camping in Devon, and we’re going to list those things, now.

Consider a Holiday Park:

The Woolacombe holiday parks are popular for a reason. They offer everything you could possibly want to do on vacation in one convenient location. Want to go to the beach, follow it with a horseback ride, and retire to the pub for a quick ale and some delicious food? You can do that without ever leaving the property. You can even spend the day at an in-park waterpark or challenge other tourists to a quick match of tennis. The parks really do have just about everything.

Always try to consider the Woolacombe holiday parks when you’re camping in Devon.

Visit the Coves:


Even if you’re enjoying a traditional camping trip that’s out in the middle of nowhere instead of at a holiday park, you should venture out to the coves. The coves are like little pockets of the Atlantic Ocean that are isolated, feature some amazing cave backdrops, and overall, tend to have fewer visitors at once than the beaches which can be cramped on occasion. Not to mention, there’s a limited, pool-like body of water instead of a massive body of water you have to constantly make sure you don’t venture too far into. So, you can relax a bit and be a bit more of an explorer.

A key point to remember about natural coves is that they’re often unmanned. So, you will have to practice basic safety on your own and make sure you bring a friend or the whole family instead of venturing off alone.

Check Fire Restrictions:

Sitting around a fire and roasting various foods is a longstanding tradition around the world when camping. You most likely don’t want to give that up when you’re in Devon, and we don’t blame you.

However, you do have to be responsible and ensure that you’re not breaking any current fire restrictions and potentially putting the local wildlife and forests at risk.

Sometimes, a lack of rainfall will dry out the wooded areas and make lighting fires extremely dangerous. In those circumstances, fire restrictions will be put in place, and anyone caught breaking them will face legal consequences.

So, make sure to check the local restrictions at your camping spot before you start that campfire, and if you’re not allowed to, try one of Devon’s amazing pubs instead. Most camping areas are pretty close to one, and the holiday parks have them in-park.

Plan Ahead and Have Fun:

Devon is packed to the brim with natural and man-made attractions that you’re sure to love no matter how you’re camping in Devon. So, make sure you plan ahead and give yourself a solid game plan before you head out.

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