The 3 Best Places for Serviced Accommodation in the UK

If you’re traveling to the Uk, regardless of which region you’re visiting, you’re going to want a living arrangement that maximizes your comfort and really highlights the significance of the trip.

A hotel simply isn’t going to cut it.

Instead, a lot of people are turning to serviced accommodations. These are fully-furnished luxury apartments that you book like hotels. They offer way more space, and you get a lot more functionality out of them. You can even book them for longer stays if you’re on an extended business trip, in-between homes, or need somewhere to stay during a home renovation.

So, here are the best three places to get accommodation in the UK.

1: Bristol

Bristol is a hotspot in the UK. It was built around its famous harbor in the early 1800s, and while that harbor still sees a lot of economic activity, the actual shore has seen major changes over the last 100 years.

Now, the harbor’s warehouses have been renovated into amazing pubs and shops for locals and tourists alike to enjoy. This offers a beautiful view, great food, and some of the best drinks in the area.

Beyond that, you also have the bustling entertainment scene in Bristol and historic landmarks. You can visit the Smoke and Mirrors comedy club, stop by Cabott Tower, or check out the Clinton Suspension Bridge without leaving the area, and that’s just the surface of the iceberg.

2: Doughty Street Accommodation

Doughty Street is in London, but it has so much to offer that it might as well be its own location. It’s a tree-lined street that oozes atmosphere with traditional architecture and movie-worthy scenery, and it’s relatively calm compared to other parts of the city.

However, the real draw is that it is centrally located near all of London’s major attractions.

If you decide to check out Doughty Street accommodation, you’ll be within walking distance of some of the most prominent parts of London. There’s also almost nothing you can’t get nearby in terms of your basic needs.

If you want to stay in London, this is the prime spot for that. You just can’t beat the location, and the scenery is straight out of an early 1900s depiction of the city.

3: London

We mentioned Doughty Street, and that is the best place to stay if you want to be right in the thick of things, but the entire city of London is filled with serviced apartments.

London is huge. That means that there is a lot to experience, and you’re unlikely to see it all unless you spend a lot of time in the area. A short vacation is not enough time to do that.

So, why not take multiple trips and try out the various accommodations that are available? You can start in Doughty Street one year, and then head to the northern part of London the next; split the city into different sections and keep coming back until you’ve seen it all.


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