The best alternative accommodation you can find for hotels

The accommodation you find for your holiday is one of the biggest factors that can influence the quality of your time away from working life. Gone are the days when you had a narrow choice of hotels to choose from, as we move forward in 2020 there are an increasingly large variety of places to stay in. Here are some of the best alternative accommodation options you have when deciding where to stay for your next holiday.

Serviced apartments

Serviced apartments are an interesting alternative choice that you can make when choosing your accommodation. The large number of different providers out there means that you can pick and choose the right option for you. If you book through a good provider you should be given access to a fully serviced kitchen, sizable living room, speedy Wi-Fi and a high-quality housekeeping service.

Many chose this option as they are good for those travelling in larger groups and can be more cost-effective for longer stays. The size of the apartment is only limited by the property it is in, meaning when staying in serviced apartments you have greater variation in the style and layout of the rooms and furnishings.

Catered hostels

The budget you are working in can also impact on the type of alternative accommodation that you book. For those looking to save as much money as they can, catered hostels can offer a nice bridge between high-end luxury and the bottom of the market. With a catered hostel you normally get access to a wide variety of different food in addition to a form of laundry service. If you opt for this type of alternative accommodation, be sure to check online reviews as these can often be a way to determine the best of the options available.

Camping and holiday parks

As many holidays take place in the summertime, many families are opting for more ‘staycations’ as a means of saving time and money whilst still having fun. This is partly why there has been an explosion of the alternative accommodation of camping and holiday parks. These offer nice natural space for families looking to get back to nature and the holiday parks can give you access to additional amenities.

Short stay rented rooms

Alternative accommodation is truly wide in its scope, and sites like Airbnb have led to a rise in the number of rooms that are being rented on a temporary basis. Many of those travelling are now willing to stay with others as a means of socialising and saving money on expensive hotel rooms.

Compare the different accommodation options to get the right one for you Finding the right alternative accommodation for your holiday is going to take some researching as the greater variety also means there are some less than scrupulous providers out there that may look to take advantage of you. To make sure you get the accommodation you are happy with, make sure you and those you are staying with all have an input into the final decision.

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