Greece for the Food Lover

Given the expanse of the Mediterranean, there is a great variety of spices and herbs from the Greek islands to the tip of Africa. There are a few essential things everywhere despite the differences in culture and we would like to present some tasty recipe ideas to give you a taste of the Mediterranean at home. We will show what makes Greek food so good and share some of the ways different spices and syrups come from Greece. 

As part of the Mediterranean diet, simplicity involves using fresh, high-quality local ingredients for clothing, olive oil, vinaigrette and other oil-based sauces, including herbs, nuts, vegetables and legumes. Take a look at three recipes that use similar ingredients for new and delicious dishes with Mediterranean flair. Try feta in a traditional Greek spanakopita or a fresh and colourful Greek salad. 

Greek recipe with Spanakopita with phyllo batter, spinach, feta cheese and dill (c) Igor Dutina / Shutterstock 8. Spanikopita, also known as Greek spinach cake, is a traditional and delicious recipe. Yemista is the traditional recipe of Greek stuffed tomatoes with vibrant colors and juicy flavors. 

It is also a popular food in Greek desserts (click here to see more Greek desserts). A delicious vegetable dish made from yellow peas, popular on the Greek island of Santorini and still gaining popularity in Greece. As far as I know, no other Greek recipe comes close to using an ingredient called Aleppo pepper, according to the author. 

Andy Harris has a cookbook called The Modernism, and his book is said to be a fusion of traditional Greek recipes with Neo-Greek cuisine found in upscale Greek restaurants in Manhattan and Astoria. One mistake that repeats itself in every recipe is the ingredient called Aleppo pepper. 

The Greek American cookbook author and celebrity chef Diane Kochilas was inspired by her father, a chef, and his home, the famous blue zone on Ikaria Island. Kochila followed up her popular 1999 cookbook Food and Wine in Greece with Greek vegetarians, which focused on meatless meals. 

If you are ready to indulge in traditional Greek cuisine, the easiest way is to take a culinary tour. You can organise your own Chania taxi to effectively explore the many nooks and crannies offering culinary experiences on your own, or book a formally operated tour. Award-winning cook Aglaia Kremezi has compiled recipes from the Greek islands that she has collected from fishermen and bakers over the years, including enough information about the cooking and culture of the islands to make the dishes of the Greek islands interesting and interesting to read, written by one of the most famous chefs in the world. Call me crazy, but when I travelled in Greece I had no idea how delicious Greek food could be. Aglaia Kremezi and I began to rethink the food we loved and make dishes based on Mediterranean traditions and based on fresh seasonal vegetables, chicken and other poultry, red meats, lots of fish and seafood. Chania is just one of many locales offering their own unique twist on traditional Greek dishes. After my third trip to Greece a deep feast of love with tasty traditional Greek cuisine was formed.

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