Vietnam – An Emerging Country

Vietnam is a South-Asian country with great beaches, long rivers, Buddhist temples and pulsing cities. Hanoi, the capital city, pays tribute to the legendary communist leader, Ho Chi Minh, through a large marble statue. Ho Chi Minh City (once Saigon) has gorgeous French colonial buildings, plus the Củ Chi Tram, which is used by Vietnam’s army during the 1950-Style War. Vietnamese War memorabilia is abundant. The CỜI Garden, or Grand Theater, is a famous attraction. Google ” Vietnam War Memorial” and you will find photos and video of Vietnamese civil war fighters.

The city of Hanoi (pronounced: “Ha oan”) is located on the eastern edge of the Gulf of Thailand. To get to Hanoi from the main part of town, use your favorite international airport, or any of the many small seaports around the region. Hanoi’s most popular international airport is Hanoi’s Thuy Tu temple. You can also fly to Phuket or Hong Kong if you prefer a more tropical destination.

Hanoi’s primary language is Vietnamese, although English is also spoken at some restaurants and businesses. There are two official names for the country: Vietnam and Lao-tse. The first name refers to the Hindu goddess of wisdom, whereas the latter name is used to describe the Buddhist beliefs of the nation. Some foreigners often confuse the two names and mistakenly believe that Ho Chi Minh City means the “town of Heaven’s Girls”, when in reality it is the capital of Vietnam, hence the translator’s nickname, which you’ll hear again in Vietnam.

Over the past few decades, Hanoi has undergone rapid economic development, with new skyscrapers, hotels, and government buildings being constructed across the city. Vietnam’s economy is largely dependent on foreign trade, which accounts for over ninety percent of its annual GDP. As such, Vietnam is currently enjoying a boom in tourism, with visitors from all over the world flying to Vietnam to experience the unique beauty of its landscape and culture. There are many different routes to take to reach Hanoi, depending on where you’re headed to visit.

Hanoi’s capital of Hanoi is a beautiful city, with an incredible history. Known as the “town of temples”, Hanoi is also one of Vietnam’s most visited destinations, housing the Tricostalgia Museum of History and Vietnam War Memorial Museum. The museums offer an excellent insight into the history and culture of Vietnam, with the central highlands being home to a number of stunning villas and apartments built during the Vietnam War. Other key locations include Ha Long Bay, which features some of the finest restaurants in Vietnam, as well as the central coastal area, which boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam.

If you are traveling to Vietnam for business or to attend any of Vietnam’s national assembly meetings, you will likely find that most of the delegates are Vietnamese. For this reason, it can be difficult to meet people of other cultures or from countries outside Vietnam. Fortunately, there are a number of virtual communities and networks available on the internet, where you can easily find friends and family who are already there or planning to visit Vietnam. If you’re unable to find immediate family or friends in your network, you can also join a travel or tour group that will arrange regular trips with members from your network. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you can be sure that Vietnam offers a wonderful and vibrant place to visit, regardless of your travel goals.

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