The Best Time of Year to Visit Bristol

If you’re planning a vacation, the time of year affects a lot of what you’re going to experience. As seasons change, so do the ways the environment changes. In somewhere like Alaska, it can be frigid and unwelcoming all winter, but for 90 days, it’s comfortable and full of natural beauty. Summers in Florida can be unbearable, but the spring is ripe with opportunities for fishing, swimming, and taking in the coastal atmosphere.

Bristol is no different. While Bristol isn’t as extreme as some places in terms of temperature, and you can definitely enjoy it year-round, the best time to visit falls.

Why is that, though? What changes in the Bristol experience when the leaves turn copper?

Let’s take a look.

1: Indoor Activities Abound

Bristol has plenty of outdoor attractions for those of you who love nature, but it’d be amiss to pretend that’s the bulk of what the city offers. This is a rural landscape, and much of the city’s biggest attractions are indoor experiences. The Smoke and Mirrors comedy club, the dock-side shops and restaurants, and most other experiences like that are all things that aren’t weather-dependent. Rather than coming in the summer and spending all your time indoors anyway, it’s just as enjoyable to come in the fall when most places have fewer reasons for you to be outside.

2: The Walkways

Bristol is teeming with greenery despite being a city. Lush, well-kept, greenways are primary travel points for almost everyone navigating the city on foot, and in the fall, they are something to behold. Yes, there is beauty in the lush greenness our greenways have during the summer, but in the fall, everything takes on a copper and red look as the leaves start to die, and the ground is covered –outside of sidewalks, of course- with that same overload of color, and the comfortable fall air brings it all together to create a relaxing and visually stimulating experience.

If you enjoy quiet walks through parks or other green areas, seeing a Bristol greenway in the fall is sure to be something you won’t forget.

3: The Natural Landscape

While Bristol is an urban environment, there are two main natural landscapes you need to see in the fall. Cabot Tower stands high above Brandon Hill Park; a lush park full of greenery that, while maintaining, withholds the majority of its natural beauty. Taking the climb to the top of the tower and peering over the park during the fall is a sight no one is likely to scoff at.

If that’s not enough, the Clifton Bridge is right next to the Avon Gorge and the seemingly endless tree canopy below. When fall approaches and all those green leaves change color, an already mesmerizing sight becomes something far more enjoyable.

4: Ease of Accommodation

Everyone goes on vacation during the summer. It’s just a tradition at this point. That makes getting proper accommodation a bit of a hassle.

However, fall is far less busy. This makes finding accommodation in Bristol an easy task, and you can usually find some of the more high-end accommodations at a lower price than they are during the peak travel season.

So, not only do you get all of the benefits listed above, but you can do it a little cheaper and easier with just a little patience.

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